Christening Honors Crew Supporters

Christening Honors Crew Supporters

Jim Roberts, President of the Alexandria Crew Booster look on as Libby Eife-Johnson christens a new men's Vespoli Ultralite four.

The T. C. Williams High School Crew and the Alexandria Crew Boosters Club christened two new Vespoli shells during an open house at the Alexandria Schools Rowing Facility on Madison St. last Sunday afternoon. The shells are being named and christened in honor of Director of Athletics for the Alexandria City Public Schools, Aly Khan Johnson and crew supporter Libby Eife-Johnson.

Johnson has taught and coached football, cross country, and track and field in Alexandria for 29 years. Eife-Johnson has been involved with the crew program for the past seven years as the mother of two rowers and a tireless volunteer. She has been individually responsible for the grocery (Giant, Safeway and Shoppers) fund-raiser that has accounted for over $70,000. in profit for the crew program. The money has been used for purchasing oars, shells and other equipment for the student athletes.

After the christenings, 11 shells were launched and completed a row-by in front the rowing facility