Volunteers Pick up 117 Tons

Volunteers Pick up 117 Tons

Scores of volunteers from came to the Potomac River last Saturday, April 6 for the 14th annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup.

Throughout the Potomac River watershed, volunteers hauled out 117 tons of trash.

“It was a heck of a cleanup this year,” said Tracy Bowen, the executive director of the Alice Ferguson Foundation, coordinator of Cleanup. “Four thousand volunteers regionally pulled in what translates to  234,000 pounds of trash and we have some interesting finds."

Among the mess: 2,300 tires, the front end of a mobile home, five refrigerators, 13 mattresses, 19 bicycles , 45 shopping carts, 12 stoves, six lawn mowers, one coconut, a plastic Jedi sword from the original Star Wars era over 20 years ago and a bag of Barbies. Also found: a handgun and three wallets with ID which have been turned into the police.