Two Centreville Groups Combine Forces

Two Centreville Groups Combine Forces

The Centreville Strategic Planning Task Force and the Centreville Community Foundation (CCF) recently agreed to combine forces to work together for the common good of the Centreville area. Task force co-chairs Pat Lawless, Jim Mitchell and Tina Morgan, have now become directors of CCF, along with existing CCF board members Ed Orenge, Bryan Hunt, Rick Stark, Sandy Shapiro, Jim Parmelee, Bill Judd and Su Webb.

"Effectively, the work of the task force was successfully completed," said CCF spokesperson Tina Morgan. "After we presented Supervisor Frey with our executive report detailing our findings and listing each of the committee's top recommendations, we felt that the task force had achieved its stated goals."

"The next step was the implementation of the initiatives developed by the task force and it was logical to look to an established and well-known community organization such as CCF to facilitate those efforts."

Some of the task force recommendations have already become a reality, such as the installation of a traffic light in front of Centreville High School, working with the Herndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce to establish a presence in the chamber for Centreville businesses, creating awareness and revitalization of Centreville's historic district (which will be showcased on Centreville Day), and the development of an Electronic Town Hall which is nearing completion.

"In keeping with the purpose of the task force and CCF, we want to continue working towards the creation of a 'small town' feeling in Centreville with a friendly and enjoyable orientation," said Morgan.

In 2002, CCF will be holding two major community events to raise funds to help restore Mount Gilead, a county owned historic dwelling in the Centreville Historic District, and to assist the Southwestern Youth Association build the "Fields of Dreams" to benefit the youth of our area. Those events are the annual Fourth of July fireworks display and the 11th annual Centreville Day festival to be held on Saturday, Sept. 14.

If you would like to become involved in the CCF, contact Pat Lawless at 703-361-3200, or Bryan Hunt at 703-322-9770. Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Fort Hill Building, behind the McDonalds on Route 28, in the James McDonnell meeting room on the first floor (5900 Fort Drive, Centreville).