Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live

Event Calendar

<lst>All shows are 6:30-10:30 p.m. Schedule subject to change. For changes in the event schedule, call the Events Hotline at 703-481-6133.

<cal1>May 3

<cal2>The Plunge and Crawling Home: Modern & classic rock covers.

<cal1>May 10

<cal2>His Boy Elroy and Quazi: Modern & classic rock covers.

<cal1>May 17

<cal2>Love Seed Mama Jump: Party tunes: Dewey Beach Band.

<cal1>May 24

<cal2>Black Sheep: Reggae.

<cal1>May 31

<cal2>Herndon Festival: No Friday Night Live!

<cal1>June 7

<cal2>Right On!: Funk, R&B, disco: from Virginia Beach.

<cal1>June 14

<cal2>Merchants of Cool and d2o5: '80s tribute music.

<cal1>June 21

<cal2>Soul Purpose: Modern & classic rock and funk.

<cal1>June 28

<cal2>Gonzo's Nose: Modern, classic, '80s, retro.

<cal1>July 5

<cal2> Kelly Bell and Michael Sheppard Group: Phat blues, original pop rock.

<cal1>July 12

<cal2> and One Stop: Modern & classic rock covers.

<cal1>July 19

<cal2>Naked Blue and Juniper Lane: Power acoustic pop and modern rock.

<cal1>July 26

<cal2>Pete Evick Band and Junk Food: Modern & classic rock covers.

<cal1>Aug. 2

<cal2>Slipdisk and Boogiehawg: Funk and R&B.

<cal1>Aug. 9

<cal2>JahWorks: Reggae.

<cal1>Aug. 16

<cal2>TBD: Make up rain date.

<cal1>Aug. 23

<cal2>BS&M: Power acoustic pop rock.