<bt>Dear Readers:

The Centre View staff created this 2002 Newcomers' Guide as a service to members of the Centreville/ Chantilly/ Clifton/ Fair Oaks and Fair Lakes community. It's intended to familiarize residents with what the area has to offer. You'll find information about schools, libraries, community leaders and local groups, plus upcoming projects.

Most of the Sully District is growing like wildfire, with ever-more services, shopping and business opportunities. As for the Town of Clifton, it's proud to maintain its small-town atmosphere. Visiting this charming and historic place is like being whisked back in time.

Each week, Centre View brings you stories and photos about local people and events. We're always happy to hear from our readers with story ideas, engagements, weddings or births. Centre View's reporter is Bonnie Hobbs (703-917-6430), and its editor is Steve Hibbard (703-917-6434), and we've been covering this community together for 10 years so, when it comes to local news, our experience is a plus. We are your local newspaper, and we're here to serve you.

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