Council's Shot: State Project Planning

Council's Shot: State Project Planning

August 7, 2002


The following is a list of projects that the Council voted to be included in the state project planning priority list:

Bus Priority/Transit Projects

* Veirs Mill Road Bus Rapid Transit (Wheaton to Rockville)

* Georgia Avenue Busway

* US 29 Bus Rapid Transit (Burtonsville to Silver Spring)

* University Blvd. Bus Rapid Transit (Takoma/Langley to Wheaton

New Link Capacity Projects

* Western Corridor (Norbeck to Shady Grove roads) — study several options

* MD 586/Veirs Mill Road (Montrose Pkwy. to Randolph Road) — widen to six lanes

* MD 586 (Montrose to Twinbrook parkways) — widen to six lanes

* MD 182/Layhill Road (Longmead to MD 108) — widen to MD 28 and safety improvements

* MD 119 (MD 28 to Middlebrook Road) — widen to six lanes, divided

* MD 355/Frederick Avenue from Ridge Road to A-305 — relocated and widen

* MD 117/Clopper Road (Little Seneca Park to MD 118) — widen to four lanes, divided

* Eastern Connector — new six-lane roadway from US 29 to I-95 and US 1

Commercial Revitilization Projects

* MD 97/Georgia Avenue in Montgomery Hills

* MD 355 in Gaithersburg

* MD 193 in Langley Park

Grade-Separated Interchanges

* MD 355 Rockville Pike at Nicholson Lane

* MD 355 Rockville Pike at Gude Drive

* MD 119 Great Seneca Hwy. at Sam Eig Hwy.