How do you like living in Fairfax?

Matthew Sweet (with son Zachary Sweet, 9), Fairfax, auditor, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

"I like it, but it's not a perfect place."

David Richards, Fairfax

"I love it — it's a great combination of small-town feel with a lot of things to do here."

Raghunath Rao, Fairfax, cashier, Mobil

"I've been living here for one year — it's a wonderful place, no doubt about it."

Josh Olin, Fairfax, student, Northern Virginia Community College

"I'm originally from Virginia Beach and just go to college here, but I like it — everything is close, and there's a lot of cool places around here."

Paula Cambronero, Fairfax, student studying in Costa Rica

"I think it's really nice — everything's really clean and the people are very nice."

Anthony Keys, Fairfax, systems engineer

"It's OK — I wish they had more stuff to do at night — you have to go to D.C. to do everything."

Mary LaClaire, Fairfax, retired/cookbook author

"I've lived in Fairfax since 1977 — I love it. I like everything but the traffic. There's so much available, especially for seniors, that's free or practically free."

Linda Hunter, Fairfax, bartender/wait staff, Thursday's

"I love living here. I was born and raised here."