New Principal Leads Terraset

New Principal Leads Terraset

Aug. 15, 2002


Tucked into the side of a hill at Terraset Elementary, a new commander-in-chief makes preparations for the new school year. Ellen Cury will assume duties as principal this year, replacing the retired Carol Bradley.

Cury takes on the job after more than 20 years in the field of education. Starting her career as special education teacher, she later helped put together a model program for inclusion facilitators in Fairfax County. For the last two years, she has been an assistant principal at Terraset.

"I would like to try putting together a school with my philosophy," Cury said, describing her transition from classroom to administration.

Her goals for Terraset include making sure that every child comes to school loving school and every teacher teaches them the way they need to be taught and providing strong academic programs that meet every child's academic needs.

"The school should move with the child so that when the child is ready to learn new more exciting and more difficult things, the school can provide that type of instruction," Cury said.

She also believes that the children should form lasting friendships at school and that it is very important for parents to be involved as much as they can.

Finally, when the school year begins, she hopes that at least one adult takes an interest in every single child so that no child gets lost in the shuffle.

"Every child should feel that there is somebody special that cares about them," Cury said.

Clubhouse is a new after-school program that will help implement Cury's philosophy. Working in conjunction with the Reston Community Center, Clubhouse will feature fun learning activities that reinforce what the children learn in the classroom. Also, time will be set aside to work on homework while tutors are available to help.

Clubhouse will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.