Aug. 28, 2002

<lst>The following Reston birth announcements were reported by local hospitals.

<cal1>July 15

<cal2>Luke Raymond Arakelian is the son of Jennifer and Greg Arakelian of Reston.

<cal1>July 16

<cal2>Raymond Lawrence M. De. Mundo is the son of Lerma M. and Ray P. Del Mundo.

<cal1>July 17

<cal2>Peyton Keith Ahlstrom is the son of Dana S. and Kory R. Ahlstrom of Reston.

<cal1>July 19

<cal2>Nitin Elavarasu is the son of Uma Sundaresan and Elavarasu Krishnamoorthy of Reston

<cal1>July 22

<cal2>Shruti Deepak is the daughter of Rajameena Singaravelpandian and Deepak Nithyanandam of Reston.

<cal1>July 31

<cal2>Roberto Alves De Campos, Jr. is the son of Taciana Dos Santos and Roberto A. Campos of Reston.

Zachary David Hotard is the son of Karina M. and Robbie P Hotard of Reston.

Brody Christopher Lloyd is the son of Amanda J. and Rupert C. Lloyd of Reston.

<cal1>Aug. 4

<cal2>Alexandra Lavrov is the daughter of Irina and Andrei Lavrov of Reston.

<cal1>Aug. 5

<cal2>John Edward Medvid is the son of Brenda J. and Edward E. Medvid of Reston.

<cal1>Aug. 6

<cal2>Nicholas Leon Mitchell is the son of Mary B. and Jonathan R. Mitchell of Reston.