State Symbols

State Symbols

State Dog

<lst> (Weinerous Dachsundious) Commonly known as the "hot dog" this ceramic rendition stays on the shelf, doesn't need an open area to walk due to the limited space in the new state, and leaves the owner free of the responsibility to follow it around with a "doggie bag."

<bt>State Insect

<lst>The flight of the bumble bee by Nicolai Rimsky Korsakov is patterned after the loops of the Springfield Interchange highway project.

<bt>State Fish

<lst>One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

<bt>State Fossil

<lst>Few can remember when these were the cutting edge of communications technology. Sightings of these are encouraged to be reported, via cell phone, to the nearest paleontologist or cell phone salesperson.

<bt>State Beverage

<lst>This double shot, no-whip, skinny, mocha. Ethiopian Sadamo based grande latte is a must for every commute.

<bt>State Shell

<lst>Who has time to collect shells on the beach anymore? This one is easy to spot, illuminated, and can be gawked at while filling up the tank.

<bt>State Dance

<lst>Springfield resident Nicholas Hendrickson, 6, demonstrates the "monkey boy mania" which is a cross between the Brittany Spears choreographed bit, the caffeine-induced "I saw that parking spot first" shuffle, and the postage increase blues.