Theatre Renovations at Wakefield

Theatre Renovations at Wakefield

This year has been especially busy concerning the technical aspect of the theatre arts department at Wakefield High School. Plans for updating the lighting and sound systems were initiated by the principal, Dr. Marie Shiels-Djouadi, at the beginning of the last school year. There are hopes of installing a new amplifier, a set of body microphones, stationary microphones mounted above the stage, main speakers, as well as a speaker system below the balcony. Currently there have been proposals submitted by various professionals for reworking the entire sound system in the school's auditorium.

The same will be done for the lighting system as well. The students who work with stage lights right now are learning to use an old patchboard system to connect the dimmers to the circuits. The mere mention of updating the light makes for enthusiastic responses from the technical theatre students.

Already there is a brand new ETC Express light board that has been installed which was used during "The Crucible" production. The board has computer capabilities that assisted in the opening sequence in which lights were required to flash on and off seemingly at random moments. Students may also plan light cues and record them for later use.