Animal Shelter a 'Last Resort'

Animal Shelter a 'Last Resort'

Aug. 28, 2002

<bt>Robert Montgomery wants the Loudoun County Animal Shelter to be used as a "last resort."

"I've worked very hard to improve our relationship with the local Humane Society ... and rescue groups," said the director of the Department of Animal Care and Control. "We encourage people to take their animals to those kinds of groups."

State law mandates every county operate a dog pound and license dogs. Loudoun took over the animal shelter in 1974 to take in cats, rabbits, horses and other stray, lost and unwanted animals in addition to the dogs.

"We don't like to call ourselves a pound, because a pound has a bad reputation," Montgomery said.

Eight animal wardens work in the county to respond to residents' calls for stray animals or wildlife that is causing a danger or other problems and to enforce the state's Comprehensive Animal Laws under Title 3.1. A minimum of two wardens are on duty during daylight hours. However, the shelter provides 24-hour service for injured and sick animals and for animals suspected of having rabies.