Lake Braddock Secondary

Lake Braddock Secondary

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<bt>The Lake Braddock Little Theatre filled with the amazing sounds of music from the three school orchestras on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 7:30 p.m. Playing in this Winter Concert was the Concert Orchestra, the String Ensemble and top group, the Symphony Orchestra.

Playing first on the night was the Concert Orchestra directed by Palma Rajki Stuempfle. This group, composed of 34 members, was led by concertmaster Joyce Lim. Their songs included: "Sonatina Op. 48 No. 1," "Boulderollicks" and "Contredanse."

The second group, the String Ensemble, was directed by Stephanie Eleanor Holmes. This group, made up of 49 members, was led by concertmaster Elizabeth Nicastro. Their four concert pieces were "Toccata," "Troika," "From 'Lt. Kije'" and "The Texans."

Finally, the Symphony Orchestra was also directed by Holmes. This group, composed of 46 members, was led by the concertmaster Mary Simpson. They played "Serenade in C Major" which included: "Pezzo In forma Sonatina," "Walzer," "Elegie" and "Finale (Terma Russo)".

Simpson, a senior, has been the concertmaster for the Symphony Orchestra for all four of her high school years. She is extremely excited and thankful to be part of the orchestra. “When everything comes together during the concert, it’s amazing, and I’m proud to be a part of the music,” she said.

This concert was the second of the school year and was a formal event. The boys wore tuxedos and the girls dressed all in black. Two more concerts during this school year are scheduled for April and June.

Not only did friends and family have the opportunity to enjoy the music, but a few orchestras from nearby elementary schools were invited and attended the hour and a half event.