Former Fire Chief Sentenced

Former Fire Chief Sentenced

Ralph T. Rohrer, a former Alexandria Fire Department battalion chief, was sentenced to five years in prison on two felony counts.

Circuit Court Judge John Kloch sentenced Rohrer to five years on each count and suspended four years on each charge. Rohrer will serve the other two years, which will run concurrently, meaning that he will spend only one year incarcerated.

In addition, Rohrer paid restitution of more than $77,000 to the city. He was accused of forging overtime records over a period of several years.

Rohrer was taken into custody at the end of the court hearing on Dec. 12 and began serving his sentence.

"Although the sentencing guidelines called for probation, I felt that Mr. Rohrer should serve some time incarcerated," said Alexandria Commonwealth attorney S. Randolph Sengel. "His crime occurred over a long period of time and he took public money. Not only was it public money, it was public safety money."