Falls Road Obstacles

Falls Road Obstacles

Many drivers tried avoiding rough pavement along Falls Road between MacArthur Boulevard and Brickyard Road the last few weeks by driving on the opposite side of the street.

Temporary roadway patches have created an obstacle course on Falls Road as the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission installs sewer service for four homes on Fawcett.

Inspectors for WSSC went by the site on Tuesday, Feb. 5 to smooth some of the section, said Chuck Brown, spokesperson for WSSC.

"He did clean up and smooth down those temporary patches as best he could," said Brown.

Warmer temperatures are necessary for the hot-mix asphalt used on roadways to actually adhere.

"Once we get into those warmer months where we do start seeing those 50-degree temperatures above and rising, we can go back out there and do a permanent roadway repair, actually cutting out the entire section and rebuilding the road from the base per state highway specifications,” Brown said. Right now, what's out there is just a temporary patch."

The sewer construction also resulted in the demolition of a hiker-biker path along the same stretch of road.

A pedestrian was struck by a car along the 8700 block of Falls Road on Wednesday, Jan. 23, suffering a broken leg.

The pedestrian was found at fault by the police. Police reported that the victim was jogging with headphones on and stepped in front of the vehicle at 6:43 a.m. The jogger was wearing dark clothing and was in an unlit area, police said. The incident occurred about 200 feet north of Rock Run Drive.

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