WFCCA Gives Approval for 5 New Homes

WFCCA Gives Approval for 5 New Homes

Landowner Jagdish Berry hopes to have his 2.37 acres in Centreville rezoned to allow for the construction of five single-family homes. They would be built on the east side of Route 28, adjacent to Compton Village.

Berry cleared his first hurdle recently when he received an approval from the West Fairfax County Citizens Association (WFCCA) Land-Use Committee. During its Tuesday, June 18, meeting, it also complimented him on his intention to contribute to the Redevelopment Housing Authority Trust Fund.

However, the OK was subject to certain conditions. Berry must: Consider allowing the construction of a trail connection to the existing trail along Route 28; contribute $955/house — $4,775 total — to the county Park Authority; save as many trees as possible and have the new community's homeowners association maintain the stormwater-management pond area.

In addition, Berry may not market the homes with "popsicle-stick" signs, and he also has to make a $1,778/house contribution to the Centreville Road Improvement fund. And he must work out a noise-mitigation plan with the county; because the new homes will be so close to Route 28, some kind of berm, vegetation and/or fencing will be needed.

<tgl> — Bonnie Hobbs