July 24, 2002

<lst>The following Reston birth announcements were reported by local hospitals.

<cal1>June 13

<cal2>Vikram Bala is the son of Anitha and VJ Bala of Reston.

<cal1>June 16

<cal2>Ethan Seong-ho Han is the son of Molly M. and Richard S. Han of Reston.

<cal1>June 21

<cal2>Valerie Ann Heydemann is the daughter of Maria A. and Volker D. Heydemann of Reston.

<cal1>June 25

<cal2>Christopher Scott Mathias is the son of Tiffany C. and Scott A. Mathias of Reston.

<cal1>June 26

<cal2>Garrett Ricardo Matthes is the son of Marina L. and Verlyn G. Matthes of Reston.

<cal1>June 28

<cal2>Emily Maria Brown is the daughter of Judith M. Slowey-Brown and Bob W. Brown of Reston.

Dorien Albert Mizell is the son of Kim R. and Albert Mizell, Jr. of Reston.

<cal1>July 5

<cal2>Zachary Dwight Kennedy is the son of Cathy Lynne Doman and Douglas R. Kennedy of Reston.

<cal1>July 7

<cal2>Brandon Alan Hernandez is the son of Karina M. and Roque J. Hernandez of Reston.

<cal1>July 8

<cal2>Carter Scott Smith is the son of Elizabeth G. and Scott N. Smith of Reston.

<cal1>July 9

<cal2>Nicholas George Osipov is the son of Cheryl K. and Robert G. Osipov of Reston.

<cal1>July 10

<cal2>Jennifer Alexis Canfield is the daughter of Naomi J. and Eugene C. Canfield of Reston.

Remington James Curren is the son of Marianne M. and James B. Curren of Reston.

Pratik Sheil Madtha is the son of Sonia R. and Joseph P. Madtha of Reston.

<cal1>July 11

<cal2>Joseph Raymond Davies is the son of Andria E. and Richard D. Davies of Reston.

<cal1>July 12

<cal2>John Egan is the son of Lisa and Walter Egan of Reston.