The following incidents were reported to the Franconia District of the Fairfax County Police Department.


Richmond Highway 9800 block

On July 23 at 6:10 p.m., a man entered the Texaco service station, brandished a handgun and demanded money from the clerk. The victim complied, and the suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.


Woodland Drive

William Martin Bartreau, 45, of 7070 Leewood Forest Drive in the Springfield area, was arrested after he attempted to enter a residence. Bartreau was stopped and detained by the homeowner until police arrived. Bartreau was charged with possession of burglarious tools and unlawful entry.


Backlick Road 5700 block

Jewelry taken from residence.

Backlick Road 5700 block

Compact discs taken from residence.

Backlick Road 6500 block

Wheels taken from parked vehicle.

Backlick Road 6700 block

Cash taken from business.

Buxton Court 5300 block

Jewelry, checkbook and electronic organizer reported stolen.

Cinder Bed Road 7800 block

Cutting torch reported stolen.

Clifton Street 5300 block

Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Easton Drive/Catlett Street

Wood chipper reported stolen.

Exmore Street 7400 block

Stereo, prescription medication and compact discs taken from parked vehicle.

Franconia Road 5800 block

Trailer hitch reported stolen.

Franconia Road 6100 block

Purse reported stolen.

Frontier Drive 6700 block

Clothes taken from business.

Frontier Drive 6800 block

Bicycle reported stolen.

Kingstowne Center 5800 block

Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.

Landsdowne Center 6400 block

Patron failed to pay tab at restaurant.

Marilyn Drive 6100 block

Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Old Valley Court 6200 block

Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Richmond Highway 9500 block

Bicycle reported stolen.

Ruskin Street 6800 block

Tools and compact discs taken from parked vehicle.

Springfield Drive 6800 block

Flag reported stolen.

Springfield Mall 6500 block

Cellular telephone reported stolen.

Springfield Mall 6600 block

DVD’s taken from business.

Telegraph Road 7900 block

Cash reported stolen.


Accotink Park Road 7500 block

Backlick Road 6700 block

Three reports

Backlick Road/Hechinger Drive

Campbell Drive 3400 block

Craig Street 6000 block

Dana Avenue 6300 block

Dana Avenue/Dormont Street

Dana Road 6200 block

Two reports

Doncaster Street 7200 block

Kerrybrooke Drive 4500 block

Loisdale Court 6500 block

Old Keene Mill Road 7000 block

Richmond Highway 9500 block

Shawnee Road 5400 block

Springfield Plaza 6300 block

Wilby Court 4800 block