Harbor House Picnic

Harbor House Picnic

Under a shining sun, Herndon Harbor House residents gathered for a picnic in their honor Saturday, June 8. The picnic was the idea of Herndon resident Angela Wenzel.

"She met some of the ladies from Harbor House and found out that many of them didn't have family and friends close by so she decided to have a party for them," said co-coordinator and neighbor Patsy Rust. "She got local police officers, firefighters and town councilmen to come and many local businesses donated food to the event."

The residents were chauffeured from the Harbor House to the picnic in limousines. The limousine rides almost didn't happen when the limousine service canceled on Harbor House and left Wenzel scrambling to find a replacement. What she found was the At Your Service Limousine service located in McLean. Owner Hank Boyd came to Wenzel's rescue. "He agreed to do it for the same discounted price that I was going to get," said Wenzel.

The day kicked off around 2:20 p.m. when the limos arrived to take the residents to the picnic at Wenzel's home.

The entertainment was provided by Katerina Guro, a resident of Harbor House and a former Russian opera singer of 53 years.

"I think it's wonderful. I think it's just a wonderful thing that someone would do this for us," said Harbor House resident Jane Newkirk.

"It was a day to just celebrate the people from Harbor House," said Wenzel. "We wanted to give them a day of fun and relaxation."