Learning Never Ends

Learning Never Ends


Name, address: “Mitch Luxenberg, Prado Place in Fairfax.”

Family information: “Born Sept. 8, 1952; married for 27 years to Susan Welt Luxenberg, with children Amy, 18, graduate of Fairfax County Public Schools, rising sophomore at MIT; and Scott, 13, rising eighth-grader at Frost Middle School.”

How would you describe yourself? “Devoted to my family and active in the community. Enjoy the precision of mathematics and computers. Strong believer in public education and place high priority on lifelong learning.”

Education? “B.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1974; M.P.A., George Washington University, 1978.”

Current job or primary occupation: “Director for budget and planning at the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration.”

Favorite part of your current job: “Providing opportunities for staff to learn new skills and build careers.”

Key ties to your community, community involvement: “Outgoing president of Fairfax County Council of PTAs; former president of Mantua Elementary School PTA; former member of Board of Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church.”

One thing about your community that you enjoy that you don't think most people know about, or something important for a newcomer to know: “The Cinema Arts Theater in Fairfax is a touch of urban sophistication in the suburbs. It shows a great lineup of fine films.”

List a few of your favorite places in your community. Consider restaurants, parks, public places, stores, roads, a place to see the sunset: “Accotink Trail and Eakin Park for bike riding; Temel is a great find — nice Turkish restaurant at Fairfax Circle; and love to shop at Trader Joe's at Pickett Mall in Fairfax.”

If you were king of your community, everyone would … : “Not run stop signs or red lights.”

One thing you would change about your community: “Improve the traffic flow on Little River Turnpike/Main Street, especially near intersection with Pickett Road.”

What book do you recommend? "‘Cold Mountain’ by Charles Frazier, ‘Poisonwood Bible’ by Barbara Kingsolver, and ‘A Civil Action’ by Jonathan Harr.”

What is the last movie you saw or enjoyed? “Two I liked recently were ‘Enigma’ and ‘13 Conversations about One Thing.’"

What is your favorite TV show? “‘Jeopardy!’”

List your hobbies: “Wine and cooking; computers; reading.”

Where was your last or favorite vacation? “Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah with the family.”

Describe how you would most like to spend one day? “Enjoy a fabulous Thai restaurant with my family, then go to a musical at the Kennedy Center or National Theater.”

What is your favorite quotation? "‘Public education is the anvil upon which democracy is forged’ (Thomas


If you could meet anyone else (any time in history), who would it be? “Albert Einstein.”