Conservancy Holds Election

Conservancy Holds Election

The Burke Conservancy held special elections this month for the board of trustees for the seven positions: the Commons, the Landings, the Oaks, the Ponds and the Woods, as well as two at-large members. Besides James Brotherton, who was the trustee for the Commons and is moving, the following members were elected:

The Commons

Marc Flaster

He's lived in Burke Centre for eight years and elsewhere in Burke several years before that. For over 25 years, he has been with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, where he's held a number of supervisory positions. Currently he is a program analyst overseeing benefits and trust fund activities. He holds a degree from the University of Virginia and a master's degree from George Washington University.

His experience in Burke includes two years on the Walden Development Board of Directors and chair of the Architectural Review Board from 1998-2000.

His goals for the Commons include the quality and safety of Burke Commons Road as well as sidewalks that would come with raising the visibility of the Commons.

The Landings

Esther Beck

Beck has been a cluster and representative of the Forest Landing Community from 1994 to present, and also a short-term trustee at large. This experience has gained her insights on how the community works.

She hopes to use her common sense to maintain the current environment around the Landings and making improvements on some of the amenities that have showed some signs or wear and tear. Some of her goals include siding and roofing torn up by storms, landscape, erosion, trees and shrubs and stream erosion.

Beck's education includes a B.S. in medical technology at State University of New York in Albany, N.Y.

The Ponds

Duwain Ketch

A resident of Burke for 21 years, Ketch hopes to keep abreast of the widening of Burke Lake Road, management of community assets and architectural control program and further strengthen overall management of the community.

His experience includes 20 years of federal service, a property manager of Sequoyah Condominiums, real estate, and management of an electronics publishing firm. He is past president and current treasurer of the Friends of the Kings Park Library as well. In Burke Centre, he has been involved with the Web-site task force, budget and finance committee, Fairfax County Planned Residential Community Task Force, and the task force for the acquisition of Lynch Farm.

The Woods

Art Steffen

Steffen is a social studies teacher for the Fairfax County Public Schools as well as an alumni of West Springfield High School. He has been active as a Woods trustee since 2000 and the past president of the Burke Centre Conservancy, a position now occupied by Joseph Mancini.

His goals at the Woods include leaf collection, erosion, road widenings, community centers and open space around Burke. He also wants to work on the towing and parking task force for all of Burke Centre.

Trustee At Large

Kay J. Bedsole

Her participation in the Burke community dates back to 1990, when she was on the Burke Cove board of directors. Since then she has been a Burke Cove cluster representative, Landings trustee, and a trustee at large. Her objectives include a No. 1 goal of fiduciary responsibility, followed by more money for dams/ponds erosion, geese, and offsetting tennis courts costs.

Trustee At Large

Jason Colosky

With two years on the board of trustees as the Landings trustee, Colosky now hopes to expand to provide the same dedication to other areas around Burke Centre. His goals include the design and functions of the Burke Centre Library, improving relations between Burke Centre and local governments, the widening of Burke Lake Road and restricted parking procedures including commercial vehicles.

He is a graduate of George Mason University and a former U.S. Marine.