Crime Report

Crime Report


<b>900 block of N. Garfield St.</b> At approximately 10 p.m. on March 17, the victim, a 41-year-old male was walking home when a car with two men in it pulled up beside him. An unknown subject got out of the car and approached the victim. The subject then pulled out a handgun and demanded the victim’s money. The victim ran from the scene yelling for help and to call the police. At this time, the subject got back in the car and drove off. The victim escaped unharmed and without giving up any money. The victim and another witness described the suspect as a black male, 5 feet 10 inches-6 feet tall, stocky build, beard and wearing a dark jacket. Neither the victim nor the witness could describe the other occupant of the vehicle. The vehicle was described as a small compact hatchback, green or silver in color.

<b>1300 block of N. Quincy St.</b> At approximately 3:30 p.m. on March 14, the victim, a 15-year-old male student at Washington-Lee High School, entered the cafeteria bathroom at the school. He was then approached by the subject, a fellow student, who demanded money. The victim denied having any money. The subject then pulled a knife, grabbed the victim’s arm and put the knife to the victim’s neck. The victim handed over approximately $25 in cash. The subject then fled the scene. The victim was able to identify the subject by describing him to a school security officer.


<b>2600 block of S. Columbia Pike.</b> At approximately 2:10 a.m. on March 16, the victim, a 25-year-old male security guard at Cecilia’s nightclub, approached the subject, who was sitting in his vehicle, to ask why he was following a female club employee. The victim stood in front of the vehicle as a second guard spoke to the subject. When the guard said he was going to call the police, the subject hit the gas and struck the victim. The victim ended up on the hood of the vehicle and shouted at the subject to stop. After accelerating for approximately half a block, the subject slammed on the brakes and the victim was flung to the ground. The subject then fled the scene. The victim suffered an injured leg and was transported to Arlington Hospital. The suspect is an Hispanic male, 5 feet 10 inches-6 feet tall, 225 pounds, with black hair, wearing a white shirt and black pants. The vehicle is described as a burgundy SUV with Va. license plates.

<b>2400 block of Shirlington Road.</b> Around 8:45 p.m. on March 16, the victim, a 29-year-old male, picked his son up for a weekend visit. He returned to the child's home to retrieve a play station. While waiting for the game the victim became involved in a verbal argument with a known subject. The two men then began to fight. During the fight a number of subjects became involved. During the tussle a number of events took place leaving three men suffering with stab wounds. Each left the scene and individually summoned for help. Each was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. This incident is still under investigation.


<b>300 block of S. 22nd St.</b> Around 4 p.m. on March 16, two male juveniles and a female juvenile were playing basketball when an unknown subject approached and asked if he could play. The children said that he could. After the game was over the children began to walk away. Laughingly, the subject approached the first male child and grabbed his legs and buttocks. The child pulled away from the subject, and the subject then approached the second male and touched his arm. This child distanced himself from the subject. The subject then approached the female reaching for her buttocks. She ran and the subject briefly gave chase. The subject then fled the scene on foot. The children went home and reported the incident. The suspect is described as an Hispanic male, 40 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches tall, 170 pounds, wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans.


<b>3400 S. Utah St.</b> Around 10:12 p.m. the victim, a 17-year-old male was walking in the alley when he was confronted by an unknown subject. The subject grabbed him, threw him on the ground and punched him. He then held a knife to the victim's throat demanding his money. Thirty dollars and a watch were taken from the victim. The subject then fled the scene on foot. The victim received a bruise to his face and throat. The suspect is described as a black male, 19-20 years of age, 6 feet 1 inch tall, 180 pounds, wearing all black clothing including a mask.


<b>1700 block of N. Lynn St.</b> At approximately 4:45 p.m. on March 15, the victim, a 39-year-old male, left his office to run an errand. Upon returning to his office, the victim found that an unknown subject had taken his laptop computer. A witness reported hearing the office suite door chime while the victim was away, but did not see anyone enter the suite. There was no evidence of forced entry as the victim’s office door was open and the laptop was unsecured.

<b> 500 block of N. Crystal Drive.</b> On March 18, upon returning home after an extended trip, the victim, a 53-year-old female, noticed that the bedsheets were piled on the bedroom floor. Further investigation revealed that jewelry valued at more than $100,000 and approximately $900 in cash were missing from the apartment. Small scratches were found on the front door, however there were no other signs of forced entry.

<b>1600 S. 26th St.</b> Around 1:20 a.m. on March 14, an unknown subject entered the apartment through the bathroom window. The resident heard a noise and went to investigate. When the bathroom door was opened an unknown subject was seen inside the bathroom. The victim fled to summon the police the subject exited the bathroom through the open window taking a pair of panty hose with him. A search of the area yielded negative results. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a stocking cap and a red jacket.

<b>1100 Arlington Blvd.</b> Sometime between 2 p.m. on March 9 and 1 p.m. on March 13, an unknown subject entered the apartment by means unknown. Once inside a $350 27-inch color television was taken.


<b>800 S. Greenbrier St.</b> On March 13, the victim, a female, age unknown, stated that an unknown subject exposed himself to her on a number of occasions. According to the victim the subject would come to her apartment complex's parking lot and masturbate. This usually occurs in the mornings between 6 and 6:15 a.m.. The suspect is described only as an unknown male driving a black pick up truck.


<b>500 N. Lincoln St.</b> Around 4:28 p.m. on March 14, the victim, a 50-year-old female, was preparing to leave her home. As she walked towards the front door she heard a noise and looked out the front window. At the same time, an unknown object flew into the window breaking it and shattering glass onto the victim. The victim screamed as the flying glass cut her. The victim then ran out the front door to observe two subjects fleeing the scene. Two neighbors hearing the screams came to render assistance, and they too witnessed the subjects fleeing. The police were called and a lookout was given. Officers responding to the scene observed two subjects in the area matching the description. The victim positively identified the two. Arrested for Missile into an Occupied Dwelling, Malicious Wounding and Carrying a Concealed Weapon were Hector Orfilio Bonilla of 3601 S. 5th St. and Jose Wilfredo Turcios of 4319 N. Glebe Road.


VA VFU 9237, a burgandy 1998 Chrysler Town & Country Van, 4900 Columbia Pike

VA YCP 8559, a gray 4-door 1988 Chevrolet Nova,

900 N. Stuart St.

VA YMC 8053, a green 4-door 1996 Ford Explorer,

1900 S. George Mason Drive

VA YGE2511, a green 4-door 1996 Honda Passport,4900 S. Columbia Pike

VA YGX5354, a black 2-door 1994 Acura Integra, 800 S. Florida St.

VA YLB4565, a gold 2002 Dodge Caravan, 1500 S. Jefferson Davis Highway

DC H84208, both tags only, 2200 N. Arlington Blvd.

VA 232659, 2001 Suzuki GSXR-750 motorcycle, 1300 N. Vietch St.

VA JJP180, a red 4-door 1989 Toyota Camry, 3600 N. 10th St.