Yorktown High School

Yorktown High School

From a student's point of view, the year is finally coming to a close. As May quickly moves through, Yorktown looks forward to an end after one of the most life-changing school years in history. However, with the start of May, Advanced Placement (AP) and Standard of Learning (SOL) exams reign as the center of all school stress. Beginning May 6, the exam period lasts two weeks. In it, students take as many exams as needed with their AP classes or the total number of SOLs required by the state in their core classes. Although stressful, the exams signify that all the year's work has reached a terminal point, and students are now focused on reaching final exams.

Amid all the stresses, the girls lacrosse teams is having its best season in school history. The girls continually defeat teams with outrageous scores and high confidence. As of early May, the team's record is 9-0. Yet next year may be a struggle. The lacrosse team is graduating more than 10 seniors. The girls soccer team is in a similar situation. These team changes may pose challenges toward next year's team but also open the door for new talent to shine through.

In the arts, students are participating in the Arlington County Spring Show, in which all art is judged before the public. The exhibit will be held in the next couple weeks, as all art was entered and judged by Monday, May 6.

With June quickly approaching, students have much to look forward to. For seniors, prom, on June 7, has become the hot topic. Many of the students from lower classes have Governor's School to look forward to. Governor's School is a competitive, two-week summer program in which students study in specific fields. High numbers of Yorktown students will be attending this year in a variety of fields.

Although much is going on at school, most students and teachers look forward to only one thing: the beginning of summer.