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Real Estate

County Council seeks applicants to succeed Arthur Holmes Jr. as chairman of the Montgomery County Planning Board. Holmes’ term expires on June 14, 2002.

The Planning Board serves as the Council’s principal adviser on land-use planning and community planning. Planning Board members also serve as commissioners of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

The chairman performs a leadership role with respect to the Montgomery County portion of the Commission as well as to chair the meetings of the Planning Board; to assist in developing overall vision and direction for the Commission; to oversee the functioning of the Montgomery County Planning Board staff; to provide guidance on preparation of budgets by Park and Planning staff for presentation to the Board; to represent the Planning Board at official meetings; to present the Planning Board’s position, especially before the Montgomery County Council; and to serve as chairman or vice chairman for the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

The salary will be between $120,000 and $150,000.

Send letters of interest and include a resume to Council president Steve Silverman at County Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD, 20850 by noon on Friday, May 31. Interviews by the Council will be held in June or July.

Call 240-777-7938.

The county is seeking applicants to fill one vacancy on the Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board. This is a full five-year term beginning in June.

The three-member board is a state administrative agency that hears appeals of real property assessments determined by the supervisor of assessments, as well as appeals of tax credits and tax exemptions. Members currently meet four to six hours per day, four or five days per week. Compensation is $25 per hour up to six hours per day while the board is in session. Deadline for applicants is May 24. Write to County Executive Douglas M. Duncan at the Executive Office Building, 101 Monroe St., Rockville, MD 20850. When your letter of interest has been received, you will be sent a biographical information form to complete and return to the executive’s office.

Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan has proclaimed May 19-25 as Hurricane Awareness Week in Montgomery County, urging residents to learn more about hurricane safety and to heed storm warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips:

* Keep flashlights and battery-powered radios with extra batteries on hand, along with a basic first-aid kit, emergency food and water, and a non-electric can opener. Listen to the radio or television for hurricane progress reports.

* Bring in outdoor objects such as lawn furniture, toys and garden tools; or anchor objects that cannot be brought inside but that could be wind-tossed.

* Remove outdoor antennas, if possible.

* Clean out gutters.

* Turn the refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting in anticipation of a power outage. Open the door only when necessary and close quickly.

* Refrain from putting out trash cans the night before the regular pickup.

During Power Outages:

* Keep a sufficient supply of flashlights and fresh batteries on hand to provide lighting during power outages.

* Avoid using candles for lighting. Use a battery-powered flashlight.

* Never use a candle when fueling equipment such as a kerosene heater or lantern, since the candle flame can ignite fumes from the fuel.


* Store valuables and personal papers in a waterproof container.

* Avoid areas subject to flooding, including low spots, canals and streams. Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road; you can be stranded or trapped. The depth of the water and the condition of the road is not always obvious.

Nighttime Safety:

* Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers, downed wires and other hazards.

High Winds:

* For downed trees due to high winds, report those on county property to the county’s Department of Public Works and Transportation at 240-777-ROAD. To report trees that have fallen on utility lines, contact the local utility companies. “Hot” wires or sparking wires, especially those across roadways, may be reported by calling 911.

* Trees that have fallen on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. The county’s Division of Consumer Affairs advises homeowners to deal with established businesses only, and to call Consumer Affairs first to check on a business-complaint record. Consumer Affairs can be reached at 240-777-3636.

For more information about changes in county programs and services, call the emergency hot line at 240-777-6500. A recording offers a variety of information that includes the status of roads, schools, libraries and recreation programs.

To find out more about emergency preparedness, call the Office of Emergency Management at 240-777-2300.

Hurricane information and publications are available on the following Web sites: and (with resources for teachers and students).