Crime Log

Crime Log

<lst>The following incidents were reported to the Franconia District of the Fairfax County Police Department:


<cal2>Springfield Plaza 6400 block - A man vaulted the counter at the CVS store and assaulted the cashier. He took cash from the register and fled in a green Chevrolet Malibu occupied by a second man. The victim was not seriously injured.


<cal2>Joust Lane 6000 block - Computer taken from business. Unknown method of entry.


<cal2>Backlick Road 5700 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Backlick Road/Cabin John Road - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Celtic Drive 5100 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Commerce Street 7200 block - Purse taken from business.

Edsall Road 6400 block - Cigarettes taken from business.

Farrington Avenue 6000 block - Flooring edger taken from parked vehicle.

Fleet Drive 6600 block - Battery taken from parked vehicle.

Franconia Road 5500 block - Two reports - Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.

Franconia Road 6100 block - Groceries taken from business.

Franconia Road 6100 block - Beer taken from business.

Gunston Cove Road 9400 block - Seat and seatbelt taken from parked vehicle.

Gunston Cove Road 9400 block - Seats taken from parked vehicle.

Island Creek Court 7700 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Kingstowne Boulevard 5700 block - Electric toothbrush taken from business.

Kingstowne Centre 5800 block - Cash taken from business.

Nancemond Street 7400 block - Sign taken from residence.

Palladium Court 6000 block - Seats and tires taken from parked vehicle.

Ruskin Street 6700 block - Wheels taken from parked vehicle.

Springfield Mall 6500 block - Cellular telephone taken from parked vehicle.

Summer Park Lane 6100 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.


<cal2>Crown Royal Drive/High Meadow Drive

Floyd Avenue 7400 block

Milva Lane 6500 block

Nancemond Street 7500 block

Oakridge Woods Court 7600 block

Sharon Chapel Road 3300 block

Thomas Grant Drive 7500 block


<cal2>Curtier Drive/Manchester Lakes

Electronic Drive 6600 block

Floyd Avenue 6800 block

Hackberry Street 6500 block

June Street 7500 block

Telegraph Road 7600 block


<cal2>Edsall Road 6200 block - 1992 Plymouth Acclaim reported stolen.

Edsall Road 6400 block - 1997 Honda Prelude reported stolen.

Hill Park Court 7900 block - 1991 Chevrolet Suburban reported stolen.