Murder Trial Set Again

Murder Trial Set Again

Now that Dr. Zakaria Oweiss has a new attorney, the date for his trial is now set to begin Oct. 21, after several delays.

Oweiss was charged with the first-degree murder of his wife Marianne Oweiss, who was found dead in their Kentsdale Drive home on Aug. 15, 2001.

Circuit Court Judge S. Michael Pincus set the new date for Oweiss' trial to begin on Monday, Oct. 21. Oweiss' original attorneys Paul Stein and Paul Kemp asked for three weeks to be allotted to the case.

The date for motions is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 19.

OWEISS’ NEW ATTORNEY, Peter Davis, appeared in court with Oweiss before Judge Pincus for the first time on Friday, May 10.

Stein and Kemp, who were scheduled to represent him at the start of the trial on May 6, advised Judge Pincus a couple of weeks ago that they needed to withdraw from the case for ethical reasons.

Oweiss was released from jail in November, after posting 10 percent of a $5 million bond. Currently, Oweiss is living at his brother's house in Kensington. He is not free to leave the house except to attend religious services and for interactions with his attorney.

"I do want to remind him of the conditions of his bond," said Judge Pincus.

"IF HE NEEDS medical attention he must come to court," said Katherine Winfree, from the state's attorney’s office of Montgomery County. "Our understanding is he's been having medical treatment."

"I've taken the time to state the conditions of his bond, especially now that he has new counsel," said Judge Pincus.

<1b>— Ken Moore