<lst>The following incidents were reported to the McLean District of the Fairfax County Police Department:


<cal2>Leesburg Pike 8300 block

A Manassas man, 23, was attempting to cross Leesburg Pike when a speeding car caused him to step back onto the curb. He shouted at the driver, who shouted back. The Manassas man then got into his car and was driving on a service road when the speeding driver drove nearby and flashed a silver, star-shaped badge at him. The two men pulled to a nearby parking lot and the man carrying the badge identified himself as an officer of the law, but refused to show the badge again. The suspect threatened the Manassas man, then got into his car and drove away.


<cal2>Alwaes Drive 9800 block

License plates taken from parked vehicle.

Anderson Road 1700 block

Gun taken from residence.

Arlington Boulevard 7100 block

Wheels taken from parked vehicle.

Chain Bridge Road 1900 block

Cosmetics taken from business.

Crest Lane 1000 block

Wallet taken from parked vehicle.

Gallows Road 1900 block

Gym bag taken from parked vehicle.

International Drive 2000 block

Jewelry taken from business.

Labella Walk 2900 block

License plates taken from parked vehicle.

Ledford Street 7600 block

Speakers taken from parked vehicle.

Leesburg Pike 7500 block

Purse taken from parked vehicle.

Leesburg Pike 8000 block

License plates taken from parked vehicle.

Leesburg Pike 8300 block

Cash taken from business.

Marshall Street 2900 block

Tools taken from shed.

Old Lee Highway 2800 block

Pressure washer taken from business.

Pimmit Drive 2200 block

Household furnishings taken from residence.

Pimmit Run Lane 2200 block

Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Sportsman Drive 7200 block

Moped reported stolen.

Spring Hill Road 1200 block

Wallet taken from gym locker.

Westpark Drive 7900 block

Cash taken from business.


<cal2>Beulah Road 1800 block

Elizabeth Drive 7100 block

Leonard Drive 7600 block

Lisle Avenue 7600 block

Spring Hill Road 1500 block


Arlington Boulevard/Monticello Drive

Birnam Wood Drive 7900 block

Cathy Lane 1900 block

Dominion Crest Lane 1800 block

Gallows Road 2800 block

Gallows Road 3000 block Four reports

Lee Highway 7300 block

Old Meadow Road 1700 block

Spring Gate Drive 1500 block

Wallace Drive 3000 block

Westmoreland Street 2000 block


<cal2>Chain Bridge Road 2000 block

2000 Chrysler Sebring reported stolen.

International Drive 2000 block

2000 Honda Accord reported stolen.

Lee Highway 8200 block

1990 Nissan 300zx reported stolen.

Redmond Drive 6800 block

2002 Toyota reported stolen.