St. Stephen's, St. Agnes Put On Chilling Shakespeare Show

St. Stephen's, St. Agnes Put On Chilling Shakespeare Show

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” The aura of evil, murder and deceit loomed in the air of St. Stephens and St. Agnes‚ rendition of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

This chilling tale of the rise and fall of a king influenced by evil often strikes fear in the hearts of many thespians but this production took on the challenge with ease. This is the story of Macbeth and his rise to the throne under the bedevilment of the Three Weird Sisters and the untimely death of all those who stand in his way.

The characters of both Macbeth (Casey Pearce) and his Lady (Scarlett Bermingham) should be praised for the depth and passion they brought to their difficult roles. The chemistry between them was so strong that the audience could feel every touch. Three other performances that stood out and almost stole the show were that of the three Weird Sisters played by Galen Griffin, Kat Connors, and Alison Yates. Each of them did an amazing job of keeping the dark air alive and drawing the audience in as they oozed with sexual wickedness.

The set added to the intensity, having a tight tent-like feel with the audience seated in the round. The abstract stage blended well with the costumes, which had a hint of Renaissance to them.

One aspect that truly stood out was the constant music throughout the show. Sound Designer Michelle Cook used an interesting variety of music ranging from a light Renaissance feel to a heavy fast moving beat throughout powerful climactic scenes. The music definitely tied the show together, adding to the audience’s feel of “what’s going to happen next?” And although the lighting added to the ever-changing mood in the play.

If you have ever had any doubts about Shakespeare, see this show, and it will definitely persuade you otherwise.

“Macbeth” will be performed on Friday, Nov. 15 at 8 p.m., and Saturday, Nov. 16, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.)