Cluster Director Announces Retirement

Cluster Director Announces Retirement

In the wake of Thomas "Mike" Engley's resignation as director of Cluster VI in the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the search has begun for a new cluster director.

The cluster system for schools was designed to provide better oversight to local schools and better customer service. It was initiated in 2000 and divided the county into eight clusters.

"This is not surprising. His retirement time has come up. It's not at all uncommon," said Paul Regnier, the school system's Office of Community Relations coordinator, of Engley's two-year tenure.

Engley announced his retirement at the end of October and set his retirement date for Jan. 1. Engley could not be reached for comment.

Beverly Woody, FCPS coordinator of administrative employment, noted the reputation of the Fairfax County school system. She doesn't think it will be hard to fill the position.

"This is an attractive community. We hope to have someone in immediately," she said, but noted an intermediary is possible.

"We are receiving resumes now from the county and outside," she said.

Cluster VI includes Lake Braddock Secondary, Robinson Secondary and West Springfield High School, Washington Irving Middle School and 19 elementary schools.

A master's degree and eight years’ experience are required, according to the job listing.

Regnier said that only one of the eight original cluster directors was hired from outside. The other seven were promoted from inside the school system.