Marshall Celebrates 40th Homecoming, Piecemeal

Marshall Celebrates 40th Homecoming, Piecemeal

Although random sociological and meteorological events seemed aligned to ruin Homecoming, Marshall High School managed to overcome them to celebrate its 40th anniversary over a period of several weeks.

All outdoor activities were canceled by Fairfax County Public Schools administration after a shooting at a middle school in Bowie, Md., on Oct. 7, delaying the Homecoming to a muddy, rainy day five weeks later.

That meant an opportunity to reconvene four of the school’s former principals was lost, said present principal Leslie Butz. There wasn’t time or money to get them back together after the Homecoming game, originally scheduled for Nov. 8, was canceled.

Marshall’s fall play, "Amadeus," was also postponed for a week.

After the Homecoming game was rescheduled for Nov. 16, Marshall played for a desultory 6-0 loss to McLean High School in a sea of mud. Senior recognition, intended to be held before the game, was canceled.

The powder puff football game between senior and junior girls was postponed until spring, and the Homecoming bonfire was canceled.

Philip Sellery and Kate Edwards were named king and queen of Homecoming.

Seniors for the football team were Jack Allison, Marc Campet, Michael Dennis, Paul Doupe, Thomas Gratton, Jonathan Horner, Zack Lasure, Sheldon Manners, Drew Martin, Sean McVey, Kent Miller, John Paras, Emmett Saures, Timothy Silver, Elliott Smith, Billy Swanson, Colton Turner and Will Whitaker.

Cheerleaders who are seniors are Jennifer Anklewich, Monica Beck, Nicholle Harris, Bethany Jacobus-Benes, Cynthia Nguyen, Catherine Risoleo and Alissa Zience.