ReCreations Owner Shares Her Talents

ReCreations Owner Shares Her Talents

Peggy Severson continues to amaze and outdo with ReCreations.

Not only has Severson, ReCreations’ owner, created a successful consignment store in Mount Vernon, she also manages to find time to share her talents with others through a series of classes in her "Class Action Suite" program.

Last week, about 40 women reaped the bounty of Severson's knowledge in two classes on decorating with single, double and triple color washes. They spent three hours learning how to use each different style of color washing, with latex and with oil-based paints.

The faux finishing techniques can stretch a decorating budget, leaving a finish like marble, cloth or wood on a wall, using only paint. Severson has often used the techniques during the decade she spent as a painter and decorator. Her handiwork adorns some of ReCreations walls, and Severson let the students try their hand at color washing the wall as well.

"Of all the faux finishing techniques, this is the one that takes you the furthest," said Severson. "There's so much you can do with this depending on how many you use. A single color looks like suede, while three colors look like stone."

Color washing can give a wall the appearance of a marble finish, she said, a technique that could be used to paint clouds in a nursery or a child’s bedroom.

Severson has been giving these classes for over a year, and some of her students have come back with pictures of the work they’ve done in their own homes.

"I was amazed," said Severson. "Two … had done several rooms, and they were in their 70s and 80s. They're so proud."

EARLIER IN THE MONTH, Severson held a Fantasy Marble class where students had their choice of making a picture frame or tissue box. A stenciling class had students once again painting the wall in the store.

“Stenciling is fun,” Severson said, “because they get to work on walls. They get a hands-on experience."

Decorative painting classes will start again after Christmas, but Severson said that she has several things planned before then. In November and December, she will bring in an artist to show people how to paint a plate with holiday pears. "Even somebody who's never painted a thing can do this."

For those who like working with miniatures, they will want to come to Severson's Santa's workshop, where everybody will make a miniature workshop. Then, one afternoon she will work with children 6-12 to help them create a gift for the holidays. She also plans to hold a demonstration on flower arranging.