On Sept. 19, Carl Sandburg

Middle School had a visit from a C-Span Tour Bus and educational staff. The Tour bus is a working mobile TV Production. Staff members of SAM 6 TV, Sandburg’s student-produced news show, had an opportunity to tour the bus and ask questions of the C-Span staff about news and media coverage.

SAM 6 is a student-produced and directed broadcast over channel 6 on the schoolwide TV network. Over the course of the year, approximately 20 eighth grade students participate in and experience a daily newscast.

“I thought the C-Span Tour Bus was very interesting,” said eighth grader Samantha Haurie, the general director of the Sam 6 News Broadcast. “The technology was amazing. What a difference between our small mixer box and their advanced buttons, knobs and switches.”

Judy Kramer, Sandburg Enrichment Specialist, liked the opportunity for the SAM 6 TV staff to see a working TV Production Unit.

“Our 8th grade civics students and SAM 6 TV staff appreciated the chance to talk to the news directors and to see the production unit in action.,” Kramer said.

Roger Beck of Mount Vernon graduated with a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech. He also earned a B.S. in 1998 and a M.S. in 200 from Virginia Tech. He is the son of Alan and Sarah Beck as well as the husband of Catherine Beck.

Deanna Pruitt of Mount Vernon High School was named a semifinalist in the National Achievement Scholarship program, a privately financed academic competition for Black American high school students, conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC).