Dinosaur Alert

Dinosaur Alert

At Chantilly

Chantilly's Drama Schedule for 2002-03:

"Fiddler on the Roof ," Nov. 20-23

"Holiday Spectacular," Dec. 17-18 (snow dates: Dec. 19-20)

"Dinosaur from Planet X," Jan. 17-19

Performance of competition one-act play, Feb. 3

Spring Play, April 24-26, May 1-3

Children's show, May 30, 31, June 1

This January, Chantilly High School's drama department puts on another of its entertaining children's shows. This summer's "Attack of the Cafeteria Zombies," complete with aliens and corn dogs, could only be beat by "Dinosaur From Planet X" where once again the aliens appear, but this time alongside a dinosaur.

The play follows the life of a dinosaur named Aloysius; 175 million years ago Aloysius was kidnapped by aliens from Planet X, and placed in their zoo of Earth creatures. When many years later (175 million years later, to be exact) he escapes and returns to Earth, only to find his dinosaur friends have been dead for millions of years. In his journey he meets two girls (Dakota and Raven) but since their parents won't allow them to have a dinosaur as a pet, they give him to their friends. Yes, they give him to their friends, the three little pigs. But instead of the pigs you may be familiar with, these pigs run the Pig Cable Network (PIG TV); but don't run out to place stock with them, they're bankrupt. What would three pigs do with a dinosaur? Well, put him on television, of course! Aloysius becomes their star: game show host, infomercial personality, and the lead on a detective/home improvement show. With the pigs' new found star, their ratings soar.

And what would a three little pigs story be without the big bad wolf? Merwin, the wolf, shows up, determined to eat the pigs and even the dinosaur. But Aloysius has other problems, the aliens are back.

"Its entertaining for the little ones and has jokes for the grown-ups" said Ed Monk, director of the play and department head at Chantilly. Monk wrote the play, along with the summer show "Zombies." Monk is also credited with "Going to School," the one-act play that won CHS first place in states last year.

The children's shows at Chantilly showcase the Drama I and Drama II students — giving the 35 cast members a chance to get experience on the high school stage. The actors always keep it interesting for the children by focusing on the audience; they ask questions and almost always incorporate the children in the show. This year it is even possible to have your birthday on-stage and backstage with the actors. For more information contact the Annie Poandl at 703-830-0826.

Chantilly's winter children's show promises to be enjoyable and hilarious. Performances are Jan. 17, 18 and 19, which includes two night and two daytime shows. Tickets will be $3 and will be sold at the door. Anyone may pre-purchase their tickets by calling the drama department at 703-222-8182.