Street Improv

Street Improv

Yorktown High School has its own answer to "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"— it's the 28th Street Improv Troupe, a comedic group of Yorktown students who perform free improvisational comedy once a month in room 1-B. The students work without a script or pre-arranged ideas. In performances, they build scenes from audience suggestions; complete with characters, location, and plot. The troupe rehearses once a week, to hone comedic skills and work on such games as Dating Game, Spilt Scene, and 185.

The troupe is open to everyone who comes to auditions, regardless of previous theatre experience. It recently held auditions and are starting the year with a 13-member troupe. All troupe members will have to re-audition again in the mid-year, along with new faces.

The president of the troupe is Franny Thomas, who is assisted by her vice president Ben Nardolilli. The 28th Street Improv Troupe's current members are: Franny Thomas, Ben Nardolilli, Frank Sullivan, Todd Grabowsky, Jeff Kessel, Tyler Anderson, Mary Kidney, Iram Malik, Daniel Coates, Jessica Ogg, Toby Shreeve, Grace Folsom, and Natalie Lynch.