This Season: 'The Skin of Our Teeth'

The Wakefield High School Drama department, with special permission from Samuel French, Inc., is putting on "The Skin of Our Teeth" by Thornton Wilder. This fast-paced comedy is the story of George Antrobus, a middle-class businessman and his family. They live their wild life in Excelsior, N.J., which transforms sporadically into a prehistoric home, plagued by the ice age. George's family consists of his wife Maggie, a woman whose existence revolves around being the perfect housewife and mother to their two children. The children, Henry and Gladys cause their mother endless problems. The household also includes the maid, Sabina, whose housework is often disrupted by her coquettish actions towards her employer. These people face fire, flood and famine accompanied at points by fortunetellers, pet mammoths and dinosaurs; the show is full of surprises.

The play leads the audience from being spectators to active participants in the story taking place on stage. The action is endless and the cast is looking forward to an exciting production on Nov.14, 15 and 16.