TJ Theater Department Reorganizes

As the director of theater at TJHSST I would like to welcome you back to the theater season. I am pleased to announce the new organization of the TJ theater department. Under the theater department falls the Drama Club, Theatre Sports and starting this year-the Shakespeare Troupe. There will be a theater trip to England this year during spring break, to have a seminar at the Globe theater, see many shows and to immerse ourselves in the theater culture of England. sJ Theater Department ReorganizeDrama Club's student council is run by Matt Keegan, Kyle Schmitt, Natalie Martin, Will Gatlin, and Dhruv Kapadia – a group of talented young people. Shakespeare's student council is Alli Lidie, Zach Fithian, Katie Ruf, Laura Strickman, and Julie Congress. Theatre sports is being hosted by Max Sneller. You can see we have a wonderful group of student council members. This year the theater is proud to present the following shows for all to see: * A one-act competition in Richmond, presenting "Property Rites" by Alan Haehnel; * "Hamlet" at TJHSST, Oct. 24-26; * "A Knight of One Axe" at TJ on Nov. 21-23; * "Bells Are Ringing", the musical, at TJ on Feb. 13-16; * "As You Like It" at TJ on March 20-22; * And the spring show (TBA) on April 25-26 and May 1-2.