Wright to Play Lead in 'Anne Frank'

Wright to Play Lead in 'Anne Frank'

Students at Bishop Ireton High School will perform 'The Diary of Anne Frank." Sophomore KC Wright will play Anne.

"The main reason that I wanted to do this play was that I knew that it could touch people in a very powerful way," said Wright. "The best plays are the ones that people can go away from with new-found knowledge and perspective.

"'The Diary of Anne Frank' definitely qualifies as one of those plays. It’s an incredible commentary on humanity and love and the most amazing part is that it all actually occurred. I’ve always wanted to do a play that would serve the community by making people think and I believe this play will do just that."

Wright also reflected on having the opportunity to play Anne. "Anne Frank is probably one of the best characters that I will ever played," she said. "The thing that makes her so interesting to me is that she was real. Her thoughts and emotions were similar to mine and to those of any girl her age. It is amazing to read the book or the script because she could be so normal in such abnormal times. I really wanted to play Anne because I want to help put a face on the holocaust; to remind people of the girl that she was and what the Nazis put her and her family through. It’s also a great honor to portray a person who has touched so many lives despite her youth."

Joanna Henry is the director of the play and the drama teacher at Ireton. "The Cappies serve a very important role for our students," she said. "The kids get to see other young people perform and visit other schools throughout the metropolitan area.

"My one concern is getting them to focus on the play itself instead of on getting an award or the fact that critics are going to be watching them on a certain night. Every person who buys a ticket to the play is just as important as the critics who attend. We want the kids to do their best no matter who is in the audience."