Sniper Chaos Causes Cancellations

Sniper Chaos Causes Cancellations

As of Tuesday Oct. 22, Fairfax County Public Schools was continuing to enforce the security measures that had been put in place Oct. 10. The restrictions will continue until further notice.

Under the restrictions, schools continued to open on time with all students expected to report; all outdoor activities are to be moved indoors or canceled; indoor activities such as sports practices, dances and craft fairs are to be held at the discretion of the principal; all field trips within the Washington D.C.-metropolitan area are canceled; all Adult and Community Education classes are to be held as scheduled with the following exceptions: Behind-the-Wheel driving classes are canceled until the outdoor-activities ban is lifted and History-on-Location classes are also canceled.

Students who were scheduled to take the Oct. 12 SAT test and failed to report can call the College Board, 609-771-7600, and request a transfer to another date. Affected students should let the board know they are from Northern Virginia and request a transfer to the November testing.

IN ADDITION, there is a continuing increased police and school security presence at the schools. Extra supervision is being provided to oversee the "change of classes." Parents and staff are being encouraged to volunteer as back-up school patrols and counselors continue to be available at the schools for students and staff members.

The weekend's football and field hockey events took place at alternative sites located outside the Washington D.C.-metropolitan area.

A message confirming the restrictions is scheduled to be posted on the school system's Web site at approximately 5 p.m. daily. Parents and interested community members can receive emergency messages from the school system by e-mail through the FCPS "Keep In Touch" program. To register, go to the school system's Web page at, and click on the yellow "Keep In Touch" box. Updates are also available on the FCPS hotline at 703-246-2500.