At T.C. Williams

At T.C. Williams

'Rumors:' Behind the Scenes at T.C. Williams

T. C. Williams students will perform "Rumors" by Neil Simon. Senior Casey Cleverly is the director.

"We looked at about seven scripts before we finally picked Rumors," she said. "We knew we wanted to perform a comedy and Neil Simon is terrific. A comedy just seemed right for our audiences here at T. C."

Chelsea Wafer, a junior, is performing in her first play at the school. "My character is totally different than I am," she said. "Chris is kind of serious and uptight and I am funny and really friendly."

Martha Dight, who plays Officer Welch, is also performing in her first T. C. play. "I was in plays in middle school and then I started playing field hockey and just haven’t been involved in drama at T. C. Williams," she said. "This year, I decided that this was something that I really wanted to do. Officer Welch is one of those people who just wants to get through her day and get home and isn’t always patient with the people around her. We just started rehearsal but it’s a lot of fun so far."

Will Cooper plays Lenny Ganz. "I’m really enjoying the role of Lenny," he said. "This is my sixth or seventh play and I like it a lot."

Kate Weber is the school’s lead critic. "The Cappies give us an opportunity to go to different schools around the area and see what other students are performing," she said. "Each of us is responsible for writing a certain number of critiques and for nominating performers for the awards. We aren’t allowed to discuss our critiques or our nominations with anyone. The Cappies are really terrific."

Cast members are: Chelsea Wafer, Jake Dingman, Lauren Abramson, Will Cooper, Nels Jorgensen, Kate Weber, Daniel Reisch, Alison Lehner, Martha Dight and Nicky Corbett.