Business Notes

Business Notes

<lst>Have any business notes to submit to the paper? New store? New name? New location? Fax a brief write-up to 703-917-0991 or call Michael O’Connell at 703-917-6440.

Pinnacle Design & Consulting, a Fairfax-based residential and commercial architectural design firm, has been hired by Complete Interior Construction (CIC) to design and create the interior of Fairfax City's newest building. Completed just fours months ago, the 3,400 square foot space will be occupied by Management Information Company of America.

Cho's Garden Korean restaurant recently opened in the former Denny's restaurant at the intersection of Rebel Run and Lee Highway in Fairfax City. The building has been totally renovated and finished. The renovations feature a sushi bar, buffet section, a large sit-down eating area with heated tables, and a bar serving alcoholic beverages together with the in-house cuisine. The menu features authentic Korean cuisine, with emphasis toward healthy, low-fat dishes and fresh seafood. The proprietor, Cho Chongho, is a real estate broker and businessman with long ties to the Fairfax community.