Lake Braddock Secondary School

Lake Braddock Secondary School

<bt>Musically gifted students shared their talent on Oct. 18 at an event called LBT Unplugged. This occurs every school year in both October and April. This year's was the 16th such event in the school's history. These students from grades nine through 12 combined for over 25 performances for more than 300 of their fellow schoolmates. It lasted for over two hours. This event was unique because everyone performed without the aid of amps or tapes, making it truly "Unplugged." Acts ranged from bands to soloists and duets. The music varied from bluegrass to rock, to jazz, to pop, to musical, and to freedom songs.

Congratulations go out to the seniors who qualified to be National Merit and Achievement Semifinalists. These students are honored because of their success on the PSAT/NMSQT standardized test given in the fall of 2001. The National Merit Semifinalists include Kathleen McCrory, Megan McCrory and Stephanie McKee. The National Achievement Semifinalists include Christine Francois, Karine Megaptche and Christina Sneed. These six semifinalists will be notified in January and February whether or not they qualify to be a finalist for merit scholarships.

Seventeen others were named nationally commended students. The National Merit Commended Students include David Dahl, Brian Duke, Rachel Dunn, Jessica Edwards, Aaron Gulliford, Carina Johnson, Jessie Katz, Sara Klayton, Gregory Klinger, John Lee, Lauren Marcinkowski, Nicholas Puglisi, Peter Song, Leah Strickman, Kira Walsh and Chi-Ming Wang. The National Achievement Commended Student is Paulina Haikola.

All of these students were invited to attend a breakfast in their honor on Friday, Oct. 25.