Sexual Assault Investigated

Sexual Assault Investigated

Police Log

Fairfax County police are investigating a sexual assault that occurred on Range Road near Rebecca Road in the Hybla Valley area of the county at about 3 a.m. last Sunday.

A 29-year-old Alexandria area woman was driving her car on Range Road when she noticed headlights flashing from the car following her. The woman pulled over to the shoulder of the road and was approached by a man who told her that he suspected her of driving while intoxicated and said he would have to get into her car and observe her driving behavior.

The suspect got into the passenger side of the victim's car and directed her to do several driving tests. During this time, a second man, driving the car that was flashing the headlights, continued to follow the woman's car. The man in the woman's car told her to stop driving, at which time he sexually assaulted her.

The second suspect then traded places with the first suspect and also sexually assaulted the victim. The two suspects then drove away.

The victim drove herself to a nearby service station where she called police. The victim did not require medical attention.

The first suspect was described as Middle Eastern, in his late 20's, six feet tall with a heavy build, brown eyes and brown hair. He was also wearing a light blue turban on his head.

The second suspect was described as Asian, in his mid-20's, five feet, four inches tall, and weighing 130 pounds. He had brown eyes and short brown hair. He was wearing a dark colored flannel shirt and jeans.

The suspect's car was described as a dark colored Honda Civic or Acura with partial Virginia license plates "TGA."