Bunn Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assaults

Bunn Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assaults

With his victims present in the courtroom, Edward Jackson Bunn, 29, pleaded guilty Tuesday to sexually assaulting two Centreville women at gunpoint.

Charged with two counts of burglary while armed and two counts of abduction with intent to defile, he could receive four life terms in prison when he's sentenced in November. The assaults happened in January and February, terrifying both the women and the local community.

Bunn, of 5836 Waterdale Court in the Centreville section of Little Rocky Run, entered the victims' homes uninvited, bound the women with duct tape and then photographed them in compromising positions. He also forced one to engage in sexual activities against her will.

Tuesday morning, after Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Terrence Ney accepted Bunn's plea, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Kimberly Pace described what happened.

The first incident was Jan. 3, around 12:30 a.m., in the 6000 block of Sunset Ridge Court. The woman heard a noise in her home, looked downstairs and saw a masked man with a black bag and a silver gun. He ran at her and chased her into her bedroom.

"She begged him not to hurt her," said Pace. "He forced her to take off all her clothes and wash off. He covered her eyes and mouth with duct tape and made her pose in various items of clothing while he photographed her."

She said Bunn then forced the woman, 32, to perform a sexual act against her will. "As she did so, he asked her, 'Don't you like this?'" said Pace. "She cried the whole time."

The second incident was Feb. 8, around 11:30 a.m., in the 6400 block of Selby Court. A woman, 26, answered her doorbell; the caller, Bunn, asked if her husband was home. He said he knew him and was trying to contact him. The woman took his phone number but, after she closed the door, he came inside with a gun.

Pace said Bunn ripped off the woman's bra and pants and took about 24 photos of her. "He tied her ankles together, took pictures of her in various positions, then tied her arms so she couldn't leave," said Pace. After Bunn left, she managed to loosen some of her ropes and "[dialed] 911 with her chin because her arms and feet were still tied together."

Later, Bunn's DNA matched samples found on her, and police arrested him April 19. Pace said he told police he brought a gun because he "didn't want to have to fight with anyone." Bunn also went to a different house first, in January, but left when he saw that the woman had a dog. He'll be sentenced Nov. 22.