Crime Log

Crime Log

<lst>The following incidents were reported to the Reston District of the Fairfax County Police Department:


<cal2>James River Court 11000 block - Scott Butin, 40, of 1817 Sycamore Valley Drive in Reston was charged with murder after he shot William Bailey, 32, of 1603 Woodmoor Lane in the McLean area, in the upper body. Bailey was medevaced to Inova Fairfax Hospital where he died. The shooting occurred as a result of a domestic-related argument.


<cal2>Hamer Court 13400 block - A Herndon area woman, 28, heard noises in her home and went to investigate. Three men forced their way into the home, searched the residence and took a large amount of cash before fleeing.


<cal2>Lawyers Road/Steeplechase Drive - An Alexandria area woman, 47, was driving a school bus en route to the Olde Creek Center when a Reston area girl, 11, began shouting obscenities at her. The driver pulled over and the girl hit the woman in the head with a backpack containing books. The girl was arrested and continued shouting obscenities at the officer, and kicked at the cruiser windows. The girl was charged with assault.


<cal2>Brittenford Drive 10300 block - Jewelry taken from residence.

Emerald Rock Drive 10400 block - Wheels taken from parked vehicle.

Fountain Drive 1800 block - Jewelry reported stolen.

Freedom Drive 11900 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Headlands Circle 2000 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Jefferson Commons Court 13300 block - Bicycle reported stolen.

Jermantown Road 3300 block - License plates taken from parked vehicle.

Michael Faraday Court 1800 block - Cash taken from business.

Parcher Avenue 13100 block - Cash taken from parked vehicle.

Park Crescent Circle 12900 block - Camera taken from residence.

South Lakes Drive 11100 block - Carpet cleaner reported stolen.

Sunrise Valley Drive 11500 block - Cash reported stolen.

Viking Drive 2700 block - License plate taken from parked vehicle.


<cal2>Beach Mill Road 10100 block

Butter Churn Drive 1300 block

John Eppes Road 2500 block

Royal Fern Court 2000 block

Sanibel Court 12100 block

Stone Wheel Drive 2200 block

Walnut Branch Road 11900 block


<cal2>Beach Mill Road 10100 block

Cameron Crescent Drive 1500 block

Charter Oak Court 11600 block

Goldenrain Court 1500 block

John Eppes Road 2500 block

Laurel Glade Court 12200 block

Laurel Tree Lane 13000 block


<cal2>Becontree Lane 1600 block -1987 Toyota sedan reported stolen.

Sugar Lane 3000 block - 1999 Honda Civic reported stolen.