Inova Mount Vernon Patients Receive A Gift

Inova Mount Vernon Patients Receive A Gift

Rehabilitation patients at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital will soon benefit from a $1,200 gift from the Stratford Women's Club.

The club made the donation to purchase both an electrical stimulation unit and a functional electronic stimulation unit. The first is used to treat chronic pain, the second to retrain damaged or weakened muscles.

"Giving back to the groups that help our community is so important to us, that's why we chose to donate much of our time and money to Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, and to all the schools in the Fort Hunt Community," said Nancy Condon, club president.

The donation comes from the proceeds of the club's annual Inova Mount Vernon Hospital bazaar. "We sell very handsome arts and crafts at the bazaar, but it's our bean soup that's made us famous," Condon noted.

Last year's bazaar raised enough money to buy a DVD, television, tables, chairs, and an entertainment center for the children's waiting room in the hospital's emergency area.

IN ACCEPTING THE gift, Susan Herbert, the hospital's vice president and administrator said, "The generous hearts and hands of groups like the Stratford Woman's Club enrich the hospital's ability to improve the lives of our patients. They are so responsive to our needs that we can never thank them enough."

The club has more than 250,000 members nationwide. There are 47 in the Northern Virginia club. Over the years their donations to Inova Mount Vernon Hospital have topped $30,000.

As their primary goals, the club promotes the community's civic, cultural, social, educational, and physical environment. It raises it's funds through such activities as a Junk to Jewels auction, gourmet basket raffles, and community yard sales.

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