'Godspell:" An Escape from Reality

'Godspell:" An Escape from Reality

In the tumultuous state of the world, one frequently searches for an escape to a more carefree state of mind. "Godspell," Stephen Schwartz's musical adaptation of St. Matthew's gospel, presented by Mount Vernon High School, provided exactly that with a fun, loving atmosphere.

"Godspell" needs a strong leading man to play Jesus. Greg Maheu was perfect. His smooth voice and his wonderful character range allowed him to portray Jesus' love, melancholy and agony.

"The Dirty Dozen," representing Jesus' Apostles, were the quintessential ensemble, working as a single cohesive unit,

The simple set was also extremely effective. While little was constructed on the stage, a perfect blend of blocks and ladders did exactly what a set is supposed to do. It worked as a tool to help the cast paint a picture for the audience. Sarah Jones, the scenic designer, painted an amazing design on the stage floor to give the show a mystical and biblical feel.

While the show had a few technical problems where sound is concerned, it still succeeded in grabbing the audience and giving them a message not about religion, but about love. "Godspell" was a wonderful escape from reality, but also a great piece of art and an entertaining theater experience.