Cryor’s Projects

Cryor’s Projects

Del. Jean Cryor’s (R-15) bills met with some success and some failure.

She ranks her greatest success as her work to further the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT), a proposed rail line from Shady Grove metro station north along I-270. “That’s more important than any other bills I’ve been working on,” Cryor said.

Cryor has rallied support for the proposal, which is hoped to aid in the region’s traffic problems. Maryland is seeking federal funding for this initiative. “The governor would be assured that if he stepped forward, he would be supported.”

Another issue she worked toward improving was telecommuting, an initiative to allow people to work in decentralized locations that would, theoretically be closer to their homes and therefore take cars off the road. “We have got to realize that telecommuting is a transportation issue.”

Cryor, who serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, foresees a couple of tax hikes on the way. “I think, when fuel prices come down, we’ll have a gas tax,” she said.

She also foresees the possibility of a one-cent increase in the state sales tax. “Do it creatively and cleverly,” Cryor said. She thinks it would be possible to pull out a couple of weeks as “tax holidays” when the sales tax would be lowered or eliminated to encourage buying and give a break to consumers when they need it most. “During back-to-school could be a big help to many families,” Cryor said

In addition, Cryor has her eye on one big revenue source – sales on the Internet. “That’s the pot of gold that exists,” she said. Although the federal government has been protecting the Internet from taxation as it continues to grow, “Eventually, it will happen,” Cryor said.