Searching For Treasures

Searching For Treasures

Breanna Means, 9 of Potomac prefers her Easter eggs well hidden.

“We like to look in the trees,” said Breanna, one of approximately 40 children who took part in the Easter egg hunt on April 20 at Potomac Presbyterian Church on River Road. The eggs symbolize what Christians believe was the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

“Each of the eggs has some candy, a toy, and some scripture,” said Marilyn Johns, director of youth and Christian education for the church. Johns said church members stuffed approximately 540 eggs, which were then hidden around church grounds by some volunteers.

The Church has been open for 40 years, said Johns. “I imagine we’ve been doing it every year.”

The Egg hunters ranged in age from two to 10. There were six kinds of eggs available for the children to find “Try to get one of each color,” Johns told the group which gathered in the Church’s entranceway before the hunt.

After giving the ground rules, it was off to the races for the children. Fancy dresses and miniature ties fluttered behind as the youth dispersed into groups. One area was set aside for the older children, and another, with larger, easier to find eggs, for the smaller children. Some of the children found as many as 15 of the brightly colored plastic eggs.

“We don’t really know what the surprises are,” said Angelica Klein, 10, before opening up the first of her treasures.

As might be expected, she was most impressed by the candy and toys. As for the scripture, “I read them sometimes,” she said.