Crime Log

Crime Log

<lst>The following incidents were reported to the Franconia Station of the Fairfax County Police Department.


<cal2>Lee Wood Forest Drive 7000 block - A 54-year-old Springfield area woman was walking to the front door of her house, when she was approached by a man who demanded money. The suspect implied he had a weapon but one was not seen. The victim relinquished an undisclosed amount of money and the suspect walked away. The victim was not injured. The suspect was described as 5 feet 4 inches tall weighing approximately 130 pounds, wearing dark clothing.


<cal2>Backlick Road 5500 block - Phone cards taken from parked vehicle.

Cinder Bed Road 7700 block - Four license plates taken from parked vehicle.

Commerce Street 7000 block - Patron failed to pay bill at restaurant.

Commerce Street 7000 block - Cigars taken from business.

Commerce Street 7200 block - Gauges, air filter and computer chip taken from parked vehicle.

Eaton Place 4500 block - Stereo and speakers taken from parked vehicle.

Elmwood Drive 3100 block - Cash taken from residence.

Franconia Road 5500 block - Two reports - Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.

Hagel Circle 9600 block - Cellular telephone taken from parked vehicle.

Kingstowne Boulevard 5700 block - Credit card taken from purse.

Kingstowne Center 5800 block - Cellular telephone taken from parked vehicle.

Landsdowne Center 6400 block - Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.

Pioneer Drive 6100 block - Audio equipment taken from parked vehicle.

Rockshire Court 6400 block - Tires and rims taken from parked vehicle.

Springfield Boulevard 6800 block - License plates taken from parked vehicle.

Telegraph Road 5600 block - Cash taken from business.

Utica Street 7000 block - Basketball hoop taken from residence.

Woodside Lane 7500 block - Stereo and military gear taken from parked vehicle.


<cal2>Adonis Court 6900 block - 1986 Oldsmobile reported stolen.

Clames Drive 5900 block - 1996 Ford Explorer reported stolen.

Cumberland Avenue 6100 block - 1999 Honda Accord reported stolen.

Springfield Mall 6600 block - 2000 Honda Civic reported stolen.