Can-Do Spirit at Seven Locks

Can-Do Spirit at Seven Locks

Rebeca Gordon is entering her 5th year as principal at Seven Locks Elementary, and her 20th in Montgomery County Public Schools. She talked about the upcoming year.

What do you wish parents would do more?

“Our parents do so much for our kids already.”

What do you wish parents would do less?

“I would recommend that parents look for ways to provide their children with some unstructured time. As a culture, we need to think about the value of unstructured play.”

What is your favorite thing about Seven Locks?

“It’s a can-do spirit. Can achieve, can learn, can make things happen, can pitch in to support the school.”

What the biggest challenge facing Seven Locks?

“I think [elementary school principals] face a lot of the same issues. I see commonalities, I don’t see differences.”

What are the biggest changes between this year and last?

“We are fortunate to have a learning cottage which will enlarge our classroom size. We are looking at curriculum changes. We implemented the new math curriculum last year. The kids did well and the teachers did well. I would say it was a good transition.”